The latest luxury must-haves for your high net-worth real estate clients? State-of-the-art home security amenities.

Just think about it…celebrities, professional athletes, heads of state, business executives, top government officials…people who are considered to be the 1% in terms of wealth, fame and power have paparazzi, potential kidnappers, thieves, crime syndicates, opposition parties hounding them 24-7 for money, leverage, photographs, whatever. Such people need home security amenities to protect themselves and their families.

What are these home security amenities? Bunkers, vaults, bulletproof windows and doors, panic rooms, concealed surveillance cameras, secret passageways and/or biometric access panels.

Beyonce and Jay-Z just purchased a new Beverly Hills home with “built in” bulletproof windows and doors. A Georgia business executive added a bunker onto his home that is bomb and gunfire proof. Randy Johnson built a bunker onto his home in Arizona that is accessible from multiple, secret, blast resistant entry points in the main house.

Not all luxury security must-haves are life-or-death, hardened and/or bullet resistant. Some homeowners just want whimsical or sophisticated add-ons that are secret, private and away from prying eyes.

One such luxury homeowner had an extra bedroom adjacent to his media room that he wanted converted into a private area. The service provider, Creative Home Engineering, converted that room into a secret, private one by adding attractive and secure shelving to the space. This homeowner is so happy with his secret space and the updated ambiance of his media room that he proudly shows it off to his friends.

Actually, any space can become secure and secret with hidden doors and passageways built into bookcases, paneled walls, safes, fireplaces, furniture, artwork and mirrors. Concealed surveillance systems can enable users to virtually peer through doors into non-secure areas. Automated systems that integrate motorized opening mechanisms can protect users and family members at all times. And such security amenities can be connected to traditional alarm systems so that any unauthorized access is monitored, documented and reported.

So the next time you have a “1%” real estate client, communicate your awareness of and connections to state-of-the-art home security amenities.