In today’s real estate market, agents and brokers have to be experts in more than the art of the transaction. For our clients, when it comes to buying, building or renovating a home, knowing the quality of work performed beforehand can and will save lots of headaches. We can help them in a number of ways.

Any sort of home upgrades, or even the upgrading of the home itself, warrants some carefully planned steps to avoid all sorts of issues down the road. Agents and brokers can act as a guide towards dealing with contractors and builders, helping clients to avoid hassles and frustration.

For clients who are considering upgrades and modifications, as agents and brokers, we can serve as a repository of information regarding what can create additional value for their home. Our expertise with making the right choices can help guide plans so that they are investing in the right areas when it comes to home upgrades.

It’s surprising how often REALTORS® see home renovations that don’t actually add value.

There are certain areas of the home that require maintenance, and some areas (like the kitchen) that a homeowner can upgrade and should see a return on their investment in the future.

Knowing the areas of the home where it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend on modifications or upgrades can make a REALTOR’S® advice invaluable to clients.

For clients considering building or buying a new home, it is important to ensure they don’t cut any corners. You also can offer advice on other key considerations, including location, cost of land and materials, labor costs and market conditions.

As agents and brokers, being well-versed in these situations can make you a go-to expert for your clients and this experience and expertise that will help them avoid the pitfalls of both building a home or doing renovations, and make the difference between a successful endeavor or a disaster.

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