Granted, Facebook has been having a hard time lately but it’s too soon to throw out the baby with the bath water. Facebook will solve its problems and likely come back stronger and more effective than ever.

Based on the assumption that Facebook will re-establish itself as a trustworthy site that touches millions of users every moment, consider using Facebook as one of the tools in your lead generation toolbox. Here are some suggestions…

  1. Set up your Facebook business page properly. Properly means
    1. Choose the page category
      1. Local business of place – click local business
      2. Company organization or institution
  • Brand or product or entertainment
  1. Cause
  2. Community
  1. Enter basic information
    1. Who, what, where you are and how to be contacted
  2. Upload your head shot and cover photo
    1. Change your cover photo with the seasons
    2. Use a current head shot that looks like you
  3. Have a one click call to action
    1. Contact us
    2. Send an email
  4. Create an intro post as your welcome to your user
    1. This post needs to fulfill your buyer’s dream to live by the ocean or in the mountains or…
  5. Post engaging content to enhance engagement
    1. People like things that make them feel smart, clever, in the know
    2. Post something that establishes your expertise
    3. Do NOT just broadcast your listings
  6. Join other Facebook groups
    1. Pet groups, parenting groups, areas that interest you
    2. Sneak peeks
    3. Connect with groups with positivity
  7. Target your potential clients with paid ads
    1. Facebook allows you to target demographic groups, areas, income groups, first time buyers, etc.
    2. Costs constantly change but anticipate CPM at about .11/1,000 people or .99/click
    3. Targeted FB ads are more effective than “pay and spray” ads that go to anyone and everyone
    4. Include great visuals
    5. Make your call to action irresistible
    6. Set a daily budget (say $50 over 3 day period) or a lifetime budget (FB able to help determine how to distribute your dollars over the duration of your campaign)
  8. Post promotions to amplify an existing post from your Facebook stream
    1. CPMs rise with post promotions according to recent data
    2. Offer business exposure that feels more organic
    3. Include great visuals
  9. Use you personal Facebook page to bolster your business page
    1. Your FB business page is about your business, your expertise, your market specialties
    2. Your personal FB page is about your engagement with you area, your family, your friends.

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