Here are sample checklists designed specifically for owners, agents and investors who may be involved in selling residential properties. Use and adapt whatever makes sense to you and your clients regarding these lists. Who knows? These lists may help everyone involved know what they and each other are responsible for doing.

Owner Checklist

  1. Research and interview listing agents – You want a person who is an expert in your local area and one who has an effective, consistent and inventive marketing plan across all channels.
  2. Price the property to sell the property – Your chosen listing agent, after presenting you with a comparative market analysis, will be able to help you choose an accurate, competitive price.
  3. Consider getting a pre-listing inspection to get a professional, unbiased read on issues/repairs that may be suspect.
  4. Make small repairs and upgrades based upon the findings of your pre-listing inspection. Concentrate specifically on kitchens and bathrooms for the greatest return on investment.
  5. Immaculately clean and de-clutter the house. The goal here is to render the property to appeal to the largest group of your target market. Focus on neutral, simple design schemes.
  6. Maintain a show-ready appearance inside and outside of the house. Render pets invisible during showings/viewings.
  7. Make all necessary preparations to move at the agreed-upon move-out date. No loose ends; no pending bills.

Agent Checklist

  1. Fully research, organize and present your comparative market analysis of the property to the seller.
  2. Guide your client to a listing price that will attract multiple, solid offers.
  3. Review your marketing plan. Include the websites you’ll suggest for posting the property. Also include all open house dates.
  4. Stage the property to appeal to the largest number of people within your target market.
  5. Hire a professional photographer to obtain 30-40 HGTV-like magazine quality photos of the property.
  6. Do your “final” walk through with the seller to highlight the selling points of the house and to identify any and all issues and/or areas in the house that “need attention” in order for the house to be completely move-in ready.
  7. Provide the owner with your list of how to best prepare a property for showings. You know what resonates with agents and buyers in your local market…your list will serve as a reminder to the owner.
  8. Show the property with your best focus and energy. Also include information about the neighborhood and Home Owner’s Association if there is one.
  9. Field buyers’ offers, make counter offers and negotiate with buyer’s agents to obtain the best possible price for the property.
  10. Prepare a checklist to educate your client about what she needs to bring to and have completed prior to the date of the closing. Make sure that any necessary signatures are obtained either in person or virtually.


Investor Checklist

  1. Build a selling team. Include a building inspector, appraiser, listing agent and attorney on that team.
  2. Schedule a home inspection so that any issues that need attention prior to the property hitting the market are, in fact, attended to.
  3. Price the property to sell the property. Use your listing agent’s comparative market analysis and consider collaborating with an appraiser to help justify the listing price of the property.
  4. Stage the property in order that it appeals to the largest number of people within your target market.
  5. Hire a professional photographer to obtain 30-40 HGTV-like magazine quality photos of the property inside and out.
  6. Review and execute your marketing plan. List the property on various listing sites, install proper signage to define the property, and properly publicize all open house dates and times.
  7. Close the transaction. Negotiate an agreed upon final price and closing date. Arrange all necessary documents with the Title Company and attorney(s).

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