Gary Gold & The Playboy Mansion Deal!

Gary Gold and His $100M Sale of the Iconic Playboy Mansion! What’s the largest sale of your career? $500,000? 1 Million? Maybe even 10 Million? Imagine selling one of the most storied properties in the country — the iconic Playboy Mansion. Gary Gold did and sealed the deal for a cool $100 Million dollars, the highest sale in Los Angeles history!

Once a 17 year old kid working on the marketing for his brothers real estate company, Gary found his calling and built a luxury real estate business that has made him a recognized expert, trend-setter and top producer for over 25 years. Today, Gary shares the story of his coveted sale and the tools he’s used to take him to the top!

Gary also shares his theories on being “in play” with someone and the importance of achieving that on-going conversation with a buyer or seller. After all, if you can’t secure a first contact, its likely that the next evening that prospect is scouring the internet with a glass of wine at night, they will just call the last person they had an intelligent conversation with – and you want that to be YOU!

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