We’re at the top of the stretch for the prime summer selling season.   Make your home selling tactics as hot as the temperatures.

  1. Use “rush hour” time frames rather than or in conjunction with weekends for your open houses.
    1. Thursdays from 4 – 7 is often a convenient time for buyers…it doesn’t conflict with their weekend getaway schedules for Friday – Sunday.
    2. Never hold open houses on Mondays. You know what Mondays are like for most everyone including yourself.
  2. Turn your open houses into summer parties.
    1. Timing is important here. Wait until late afternoon and/or early evening when temperatures become bearable.
    2. Advertise your gathering as a party or celebration instead of a typical open house.
    3. Serve cold lemonade and/or iced tea; fire up the grill and serve summer themed appetizers like sliders or teriyaki chicken/pineapple slices on skewers.
    4. Rent an ice cream or snow cone truck.
  3. Make outdoor spaces sparkle.
    1. Use the summer heat to feature outdoor amenities.
    2. Make sure to keep patio areas, pool, outdoor furniture ultra clean.
    3. Place some floating candles in the pool.
    4. Incorporate props like towels, cushions, lanterns and string and/or bistro lights.
    5. Set up a ping-pong table so buyers can play while they’re looking around.
    6. You want to help your guests imagine themselves living in this warm weather oasis.
  4. Create a community event or summer block party in the front of the house to invite more attention and foot traffic.
    1. Invite the neighbors and other passersby.
    2. Distribute event fliers in advance.
    3. Create a theme such as a luau or summer luau and serve appetizers to go with the theme.
    4. If it’s an urban neighborhood celebration, invite a neighborhood magician and/or group to sing/dance/perform.
    5. Balloons speak party.
  5. Advertise early, often and offline.
    1. People know it takes only 5 minutes to see a house…say that on your signs/fliers and in your ads.
    2. Put signs on roadways headed toward beaches, campgrounds, parks so they can know to visit your listing on the way home.




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