How To Become A Top-Producer – Goal Setting & Achievement

Real Estate Superstar Brandon Jackson joins us for a discussion of goal setting & achievement for real estate professionals, including how to effectively set leads, sales & listing goals – and how to follow through and meet or exceed them every single quarter!

In this segment, we’re not only going to be discussing goals, but also drilling down on the internal motivation required to follow through & complete them. This means setting milestones, creating rewards for yourself, and being able to truly visualize the outcome your pursuing.

In this segment, Tim Harris and Brandon Jackson will discuss Brandon’s motivations & mindset, and share examples you can use in your own business to get into action, stay motivated, and keep yourself accountable for achieving your goals.

Brandon is a real estate coaching member of Tim & Julie Harris, and joins us to discuss the positive effects of real estate coaching & training on his real estate career – as well as sharing some of the tips, tricks, and best-practices of the top-producing agents that he’s learned along the way.

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