“Great neighborhoods come in many different forms, “ said Daren Blomquist, senior vice president with ATTOM Data Solutions.

In other words, it pays you as a real estate agent and it pays your clients to look beyond the wealthiest neighborhoods with the best schools. Chances are you’ll find many “great neighborhood” options with more modestly priced homes and more highly motivated schools.

ATTOM Data Solutions recently released its 2018 Neighborhood Housing Index. ATTOM ranked 10,900 neighborhoods nationwide based upon 6 data points…

  • Affordability – home price-to-income ratio using median home prices for the first half of 2018 and 2017 household income information from the US Census Bureau
  • Home price appreciation – median home prices comparing 2017 with fist half of 2018
  • School scores – test score performance for every school
  • Crime rates – combined risks of rape, murder, burglary, assault, etc.
  • Unemployment rates – US Census data comparing total number employed and dividing by total population ages 18-65
  • Property taxes – county tax assessor data from ATTOM Data Solutions

ATTOM’s top ranked neighborhoods include diverse markets around the country:

– Pine Ridge in Naples, FL – median price of $633,871

– Westlake in Mobile, AL – median price of $196,179

– Union in San Jose, CA – median price of $795,000

– Westmoreland in Charlotte, NC – median price of    $326,000

– Hunter Hill in Denver, CO – median price of $271,000

ATTOM found 136 neighborhoods with median home prices of $100,000 to be “A” rating neighborhoods. Those top five include

  • Devonshire in Mobile – median price of $78,038
  • Park Central in Orlando – median price of $91,750
  • English Village in Detroit – median home price of $66,750
  • Cypress Shores in Mobile – median price of $85,000
  • Hathaway Manor in St. Louis – median price of $69,190

ATTOM has a great interactive map showing neighborhoods with specific highlighted data points in color-coded rankings. Check it out at




You’ll also find color – coded charts that indicate median sales prices for the first half of 2018, annual home price appreciation, the best neighborhoods for buying owner-occupied homes and rentals and neighborhoods best for flipping.


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