Key Highlights

  • 8.9M moved during 2020 compared to 8.84M in 2019
  • 20% of all moves were interstate moves
  • Biggest gainers were New Jersey, South Carolina and Maryland and biggest losers were New York, Texas and Washington DC

US Postal Service Indicates Californians Went to Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico

With housing prices surging in states such as Utah and Idaho, many “natives” of those states blame California for those home price increases. Not so, indicates the USPS.

According to USPS change-of-address data, now-former California residents moved to set up their households in more affordable states states such as Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Utah Foundation Found that More Utahans Stayed Put Than Left


Rather than Californians driving up home prices, the Utah Foundation found that fewer people left Utah during 2020 than new people actually moving into the state.  The Utah Foundation said, “…fewer people leaving is functionally equivalent to more people coming in…” even though the Salt Lake metro saw the fifth highest growth rate of nearly 100 cities in 2020.

Atlas and United Moving Companies Indicate Different Top Inbound Target

Atlas Moving Company indicated that Oregon, Idaho and Arizona were the top inbound targets during pandemic 2020.  On the other hand, United Moving Company pointed to Utah, Idaho and Nevada as the primary inbound targets during 2020.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Found Largest Metro Areas Lost Population

Based upon consumer credit information, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland determined that most of the 96 largest metros in 2020 lost population.  Rather than mass movements out of large cities, the Cleveland Fed found these population losses were due to decreased inflow, not exodus from metros.

Yes, suburbs and rural towns near large metros gained population…the majority of those new suburban and rural residents are, however, interstate residents, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.


Thanks to the Utah Foundation, Atlas Moving Company, the US Postal Service, United Moving Company, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the National Association of REALTORS®.

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