Secret #1:  A great Seller Prequalification Script pulls out critical facts so you can be best prepared to not just take the listing, but to price it right in the first place!  Not prequalifying is unprofessional and can waste your time and theirs.  Always prequalify, 100% of the time!  Price it to SELL, not to SIT.

Secret #2:  The best price reduction conversation is the one you never have to have.  All pricing scripts are best used at the listing table! 

Secret #3:  Don’t lose the listing of a motivated, have-to-sell-seller over price.  If they HAVE TO sell, you HAVE TO take the listing!  Someone is going to make a commission.  Shouldn’t it be you?

Bonus Secret:   Proper Previous Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Pricing!

Don’t Go Unless You KNOW:

1 What the seller wants, needs or thinks it’s worth! Pricing it right in the first place prevents future price reduction drama!  Even if they’re thinking it’s worth more than the comps, you need to know by how much and how they arrived at ‘their price’… BEFORE you arrive to the appointment.

Script: (when they tell you a too-high price): “That’s interesting, Mr/Mrs Seller, how did you arrive at that price?  (listen carefully)

Secret:  Sellers overprice out of either Ignorance or Arrogance. Even in a hot seller’s market, there is ‘aspirational pricing’…you can price too high. Ignorance is when they just don’t know how to price a home (square feet matters, bedrooms, baths, views, condition).  Arrogance is when they won’t listen to comps and have reasons other than real value to try to justify their price.


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