Old School Manners for the (almost) Post-Covid World. Tim and Julie Harris sort out the ‘new rules’ that you’re all dealing with on appointments, meetings and daily life!

Old School Social Manners (And Some New Ones) for the New Post-Covid World

We’re not quite post-Covid yet, but the lockdown, quarantine, homeschool and zoom world has messed with everyone’s manners!  What’s appropriate anymore?

Coaching clients have struggled with the following topics:

-Handshake, fist bump or hug?

-Open house etiquette

-In person or Zoom listing presentations

-Vaccine questions – should you ask or not?

-To mask or not to mask?

So with a lot of research, we’ve compiled some new etiquette plus some old standbys which will help you lead by example as well as feel more comfortable with what’s appropriate and what’s not!  

If you’re looking for a theme here, it’s good to keep Emily Post’s principles of etiquette in mind as your North Star: consideration, respect, and honesty.

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The New (and old) Rules to live by:

  1. The Handshake

The handshake has been around for centuries. A widely held belief is that it originated to prove to someone that a person was offering peace and not holding a hidden weapon. But hands can be germy.

Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert and author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life,” also doesn’t think the handshake will be a casualty of the pandemic but said to take it slowly.

“Don’t be the first to extend your hand, even if you are comfortable,” instructed Gottsman, who lives in San Antonio, Texas. “Watch the other person and allow them to extend their greeting of choice.”

When in doubt, use the fist bump, it’s half handshake but not a hug, but read the other person’s body language or just ask what they’re comfortable with.

2.  Say Please, thank you and you’re welcome.   Send thank you cards, not just a crappy email or text.  Post on Social Media where appropriate for thank you’s.

3. Communicate.  Lack of communication is the #1 complaint of recently closed real estate clients.  Use full sentences.

4.  Show up on time.  On time is late, early is on time, and if you late you lose.

5.  Tip service providers well.  Leave your card with a ‘Thanks’ and a good tip.

6.  Answer the phone.  Unless you’re with a client or at a performance, answer the phone.

7.  Call people back as soon as possible, even if it means you’re telling them you’ll call them later in the day or evening.  Resist texting all the time for everything.

8.  When in Rome…as the PROSPECT what they’re most comfortable with; in person or Zoom?  Just simply ask.

9.  Say it, don’t spray it; stay at home if you’re sick.  Keep your kid home if they’re sick.

10.  Confirm all appointments.  This is the polite and professional thing to do.

11.  Apologize when you screw up.  Own it.  Admit the problem and why it hurt someone, promise not to do that again and create new energy with new commitment to excellence for yourself and your clients.

12.  Double refer and take good care of your best contacts.  Lenders, inspectors, service providers, etc.

13.  Bust people and companies who suck but do it professionally and ethically.

14.  Let people go in front of you in line or in traffic.  If you have 90 things in your grocery cart and the old lady behind you is buying a gallon of milk, let her go in front of you.

15.  Bus your own dishes at casual restaurants. Don’t leave a mess!

16.  Take your shoes off if it’s a no-shoes house!  Take a look at their feet.  (Listing appointments and showing).

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