The world’s top business cities are still shaping what working women can and cannot do.

Some Positive Changes in Some Places BUT Not Enough Anywhere

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek analysis of how 15 global cities rank for career women points out the glaring discrepancies professional women and men face on a daily basis.

Bloomberg journalists based their selections and rankings of commerce hubs on several criteria including, but not limited to:

  • – Safety
  • – Mobility
  • – Equality
  • – Wealth – earning potential and financial independence
  • – Maternity provisions

Additionally, the journalists surveyed at least 200 working women in each location and weighted their responses equally with the data.  Separately, the journalists asked senior women in finance and industry to share their personal living and working experience in each location.

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Quality of Life for Women in 15 Top Business Cities

  1. Toronto
    1. While “a culturally diverse, dynamic and exciting city,” Lara Zink, president and CEO of Women in Capital Markets, said, “Women are underrepresented, outranked and usually out-earned…”
  2. Sydney
    1. Sophia Fahmani, CEO and managing director of investment manager Maple-Brown Abbott Ltd., returned home to Sydney in 2019 after living and working in the US and Singapore. She realized inequality in the workplace and in living places in the US and in Singapore held her back.  Now, living and working in Singapore, she no longer deals with inequality.
  3. Singapore
    1. Shiyan Koh, co-founder and general partner with venture capital fund Hustle Fund, feels safer in Singapore than in any of the US cities where she lived for 20 years. However, questions remain in Singapore about gender equality, workplace discrimination and housing discrimination.
  4. Paris
    1. Maya Atig, CEO with French Banking Federation, indicated that it’s possible to navigate professional and personal life in Paris with a school system that favors women who work. “Nowadays women account for about half of executives in the French banking sector, and almost 30% of the top executives…one of the keys to personal and professional development is to be well surrounded.”
  5. London
    1. London scored well on equality but scored the lowest out of the top five cities on safety. Zillah Byng-Thorne, CEO with media company Future Plc, said one of the benefits of living in London is high quality and availability of childcare.
  6. Berlin
  7. Tokyo
  8. Hong Kong
  9. New York City
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Dubai
  12. Los Angeles
  13. Seoul
  14. Beijing
  15. Sao Paulo

Of course, real estate professionals and associations in all of these cities/countries have much to contribute that would improve efforts towards reducing/eliminating discrepancies in housing choices, financing and policies.

Thanks to BloombergBusinessweek.





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