How To Make 2022 Your Best Year EVER! [Real Estate Coaching and Training]


Optimists are healthier, wealthier and happier.  Optimists believe that great things will happen.

Pessimists are always worried that bad things are coming, they look for confirmation that this is true. Which are you?

Do you believe that tomorrow will be better or worse than today?

What actions are you taking or not taking as a result?

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More than 70,000 people were studied and surveyed by researchers at Harvard.

The studies showed that optimists have a 15% increase in lifespan, the equivalent of living to 90 instead of 80 years old.

Fact: The more optimistic you are, the longer you’ll live.


Optimists have lower levels of inflammation and more ‘good cholesterol’.  They have the ‘its too soon to tell attitude’, but err on the side of positivity.

They believe they have the ability to create their future and to shape their own outcome.  They ‘own’ their life trajectory.

Frost Bank studied two thousand banking clients.  They discovered that optimists enjoy seven times higher level of financial well-being, as self-reported.  They are more likely to save, to seek financial advice, to set financial goals and believe they are able to control their financial future.  They take more action.

  • Recognize that every day you are the result of every past decision you have made up to that point. And tomorrow is going to be the direct result of the decisions made today. So if the actions and habits taking place today will make you better tomorrow, and that pattern continues daily, this is how you become your best self.
  • One way to do this is to ask yourself, “Where are the decisions I am making today going to lead me?” and, “Am I better today than I was yesterday?” and, “Do I have goals in place which are leading me to my best future self?

Why To Be Optimistic About 2022 and Beyond

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

1 If you’re in real estate, you can be very positive about the fact that you’ll be getting a raise without asking, applying or hoping for it.  That’s because as home prices increase, your commission goes right up with it!  Inflation is here to stay, and though you’ll pay the higher prices for goods and services, you’ll at least have the money to do it with:

In the next 15 months—through the end of 2022—Goldman Sachs is forecasting U.S. home prices will soar another 16%. While that represents a slight deceleration in the growth of home prices—which are up 17.7% over the past 12 months alone. Simply put: The investment bank thinks the housing market frenzy set off during the pandemic has a lot more room to run. 

For example, according to

The average sales price of a new home in 2020 was 389,400 U.S. dollars and in 2021, it reached 408,800 U.S. dollars. Adding the predicted 16% for 2022, prices could reach $474,208.

That means that your average commission selling an average home in the US has gone up between $2000 and $3000 per transaction.  Try getting that kind of raise from a ‘normal’ job.  Multiply this times your average number of closed units and you can see it adds up! Nice job being a licensed real estate professional!

2 Singularity is Near.  What does this mean? Read Ray Kurzweil’s book by that name. The point of technological advancement when humans move from being a body to being a pattern of information is called “singularity.”

Ray Kurzweil explains Artificial Intelligence, describes how redesigning the human body, plus the utilization of nanotechnology, downloading consciousness and many other futuristic developments can lead to much longer lifespans than we’re used to expecting.

He predicts that all of these technological advances will lead humans to the point of “singularity.” This is the point when, if people use technology the right way, they will accomplish becoming godlike and solve all the world’s problems. (Pretty big thinking here, right?)

By 2025, people will make machines that are smarter than they are. This point is called the “singularity.”

On the way to such changes, many scientific advances will occur which humans are currently developing, will allow humans to replicate their consciousness. Genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, brain scanning and virtual reality.

Doctors will be able to use technology and advancements to actually repair the human body in ways we’ve only dreamt about.  For example, genetically reversing the predisposition to diseases like cancer.  You’ll be able to upgrade your body as you age.  Kurzweil even predicts that immortality could be possible.

If that doesn’t make you optimistic, what will?  What will you do differently knowing that you don’t have an expiration date?  Would you take better care of your mind, your body, your finances?  Move toward your goals more quickly, so you can lather, rinse, repeat, living the life of your dreams?

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