The South and West are hot spots for job seekers due to lower costs of living and lots of job opportunities.

“Great Reshuffle” Goes Hand-in Hand with Moving to New Locations

As the “Great Resignation” continues, more than 4M Americans quit their jobs in October.  Many of those 4M people retired altogether.

Many others are part of the “Great Reshuffle”…workers who have either already taken on new jobs in new locations  or are looking to take on new jobs in new locations.  Many of these “reshufflers” are looking/hoping to be able to work remotely in new locations. looked at workforce migration data put together by LinkedIn to determine areas of the country where reshuffling job seekers are going. found that the South and the West are job seeker hot spots.  Why?  The South and West have lots of jobs in a wide variety of fields plus they also have lower costs of living with more affordable housing.

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“These regions have two big advantages.  The weather is relatively warm and housing is more affordable,” Guy Berger, principal economist with LinkedIn, said.  “That was already making them big attractors to talent even before the pandemic.  Now, with remote work more prevalent…that attraction has been turbocharged.”

Seven Cities that Topped’s List of Where In-Migration Highest for New Jobs

( limited its choices to one metro area per state.)

  1. Austin TX
    1. Median list price in October – $549,900
    2. Percentage change from one year ago – +33%
  2. Sarasota FL
    1. Median list price – $495,000
    2. Percentage change – +32%
  3. Myrtle Beach SC
    1. Median list price – $368,520
    2. Percentage change – +40%
  4. Asheville NC
    1. Median list price – $469,000
    2. Percentage change – +7%
  5. Nashville TN
    1. Median list price – $450,000
    2. Percentage change – +13%
  6. Boise ID
    1. Median list price – $530,000
    2. Percentage change – +25%
  7. Huntsville AL
    1. Median list price – $349,000
    2. Percentage change – +17%

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