According to Cisco, video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022.  Here are some tips to enhance your video exposure and content.

Video Is Now Must-Have Component of Your Business

Like so many other things, the pandemic accelerated both the need for and hunger for video content.  Video home tours are now a must-have for potential buyers and sellers.  Video chats are now a must-have for initiating and maintaining client connections.  Video negotiations are now a must-have for the transaction process.  Video webinars are now a must-have for market information, consumer and professional real estate coaching and training.

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We could go on and on here about the need for and increasingly voracious appetite for video but you get the idea.

How do you create videos that catch the attention of both your ongoing and potential clients and how do you gain the maximum exposure of your videos?  Here are some tips:

  1. Creating video content for your ideal client.
    1. On YouTube, check out City (your own market or a market similar to yours) Real Estate – you’ll see the top trending videos and the names of the agents who made those videos.
    2. Click the link to the agent’s YouTube page, not the video link itself.
    3. Now that you’re on that agent’s page, click the video tab on the right that says “sort by” and click the most popular.
    4. These most popular videos made by agents could be videos you could create for your market such as:
      1. Pros and cons of living (in your market)
      2. Best Neighborhoods (in your market)
      3. Cost of living (in your market)
      4. You can go on and on here…best hikes, best dog parks, best schools, best whatever, etc.
  1. Create quality videos.
    1. Your iPhone will work just fine.
    2. Lighting
      1. Face the sun or natural light source in a room.
      2. Use a ring light to highlight your face (around $25.).
    3. Audio
      1. Lavalier microphones (under $30.) attach to your phone.
    4. Camera – your iPhone is fine.
    5. Formatting & editing
      1. Consider a brief intro, an intro bumper, main video content, and an outro bumper. Watch some of those YouTubevideos you found in 1d. and you’ll get the idea.
        1. You can buy intro and outro bumpers for about $25 on Fiverr or Upwork.
      2. Watch YouTube videos to learn how to edit yourself or buy editing software from outfits like iMovie, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.
    6. Get your videos seen
      1. YouTube is a VERY good place for you to “house” your videos. Why?  It’s the second most popular search engine in the world after Google.
        1. Check out TubeBuddy to learn how to maximize YouTube’s algorithm to help you. You’ll find titles, tags, descriptions, thumbnails galore on the TubeBuddy app.
        2. For thumbnail (photo found by your video description) creation, go to Canva for template options.
      2. Social media
        1. Use hashtags – go to Hashtagify and All Hashtag for suggestions.
        2. Upload to your chosen platforms.
  • Make sure to upload a link to your video to your social media post.
  • Obviously, upload your videos to your own website.

Thanks to Inman.

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