Steve Pacinelli from Bomb Bomb

We’re joined today by Steve Pacinelli, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for BombBomb, a software and communications company that prides itself of building “relationships through video.” Put briefly, BombBomb delivers video-enhanced email messages to clients, empowering thousands of agents and brokers across the country to more deeply engage their prospects & customers.

Over the past 15 years, Pacinelli has delivered over a 1,000 presentations to Realtors in North America about the benefits of sales automation and online marketing. He co-founded Tech Savvy Agent before taking on his current leadership role at BombBomb.

Pacinelli’s insights into consumer behavior, as well as his grasp of social media and video strategies, give him real expertise in the area of video communications, and he joins us today to discuss the BombBomb platform and how it can benefit real estate agents and brokers.

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