You get a lot of satisfaction in helping a client avoid the pitfalls of selling their own home when you get them to convert from being an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) into one of your listing clients. It can be very rewarding, and there are a lot of these leads out there to prospect, but it can also be a scary experience for a lot of agents.

What will the seller say when you call them? What if they hate agents? What if they’ve had bad transactions in the past? There are lots of anxious questions that race through the minds of agents when they consider prospecting FSBO’s, but in truth, if you have a good script to work with, converting them into listing clients isn’t difficult or painful at all!

When you’re prospecting FSBO’s – or unrepresented sellers as we like to call them – you’re really after 2 separate conversions. The first is to have the seller decide to list with you instead of trying to sell the home on their own. The second is to simultaneously prospect the seller as a buyer for their future home prospects – which is exactly what the script below does.

High-Converting FSBO Script:



Hi this is tim harris with abc realty.
I noticed you have your home for sale.
As you probably know, we work with a lot of buyers in the area. I am calling to get some information on your home.

((IF they say ‘we’re not working with any Realtors…))
LAUGH…I can appreciate that. I don’t blame you! If I didn’t have a license, I’d do the same as you. IT makes perfect sense to me! But let me ask you a real quick question…(go to ‘if I were to bring you a buyer… + the ‘when it sells, where would you go next’)

(goal…get them engaged in telling you about the home)

Can you tell me more about your home?

What have you changed in the house since you’ve purchased it? Upgrades, etc?

Major utilities – what are the ages and condition?

Do you know if there are any needed maintenance items?

So, if one of my buyers were to want to purchase your home in the next 60 to 90 days or so, would that present a problem for you?

YES/NO/ Do you have a buyer?
I very well might – I’d have to see the property first.
If my buyer were to purchase your home, where would you go next? (buyer side) ——, Great – how soon do you need to be there?
By the way…why did you decide to sell this house yourself?
(save commission, have done it before, etc, in sales)

You know what, that’s great Mr/Mrs Seller. The truth is that if I didn’t have a r.e. license, I’d probably try to sell my home myself as well. You certainly sound more than capable of selling it yourself.

But let me ask you a real quick question –

If I were to bring a buyer by who would purchase the house at YOUR PRICE, close around YOUR SCHEDULE, and this buyer has no home sale contingencies, inspection issues or appraisal issues, in other words MR/MRS Seller, you’re completely in control of the process and this is the buyer you’d been hoping for, and most importantly the check I hand you at closing is the same if not significantly more than you’re able to get selling it yourself, then why wouldn’t you list it with me?

Possible answers:

If you can do all that, then I would list it with you.

(if they say that)

Excellent, Mr/Mrs Seller. I’m going to be in the area today at 6pm as well as tomorrow at 7pm. Which would be better for you.

(Sometimes seller will circle back and ask if you have a buyer. You then repeat that you very well might, but you must see the property first). Continue to close for apt.

What happens next? I’ll deliver my Pre Listing Packet to you. That’ll be on your door sitting in an envelope, within the next few hours. Please take 10 or 15 mins to totally review all the information so that when I stop by we can focus just on what’s most important to you.


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