Are you a “one-spoke wonder”? If you know that you are, or if you don’t even know what that means, then read on, because this article is all about you, and if you’re willing & able to take action on it, we guarantee that it will produce tremendous benefits & stability for your lead generation.

Simply put, a “one-spoke wonder” is an agent who relies exclusively on a single type of lead-generation for all of their prospecting. For instance, maybe you’ve had success with phone-prospecting your Center Of Influence, or possibly you’re buying all your leads from Zillow (you shouldn’t, but that’s another lecture for another day). That makes you a one-spoke wonder.

The problem with relying on a single lead-generation spoke is that it puts all the eggs for your business in a single basket. If things change (in this constantly changing industry), it could leave you high and dry, searching for leads with nothing to fall back on. That’s why we recommend that every agent have at least 7 lead-generation channels – or “spokes”, as we like to call them.

“Seven spokes,” you might say, “Good Lord, do 7 different ways to generate leads even exist?” The answer is a resounding “yes!”, and to get you started, take notes on the list below were we outline 58 lead-generation sources that can help you eliminate your dangerous reliance on a single-spoke to put the bread on your table.

58 Sources Of New Real Estate Business!

  1. Past Clients
  2. Business Networking Groups (for example: BNI or LeTip)
  3. Calling For Sale By Owners
  4. Mailing For Sale By Owners
  5. Relocation Companies
  6. First Time Buyer Seminars
  7. Calling For Rent By Owners
  8. Direct Response Classified Ads
  9. Investor Seminars
  10. Calling Expireds
  11. Community Networking
  12. Stealth Websites
  13. Investor Tele-Conference Calls
  14. Voice Broadcast
  15. Mailing Expireds
  16. Calling Centers of Influence
  17. Door Knocking
  18. Mailing Centers of Influence
  19. Niche Expert, for example: Luxury Homes/Vacation Markets
  20. First time Buyer Conference Calls/Live Events
  21. Join clubs that interest you and network with similar interest people
  22. Join groups such as a Gardening club or French Bulldog club, etc.
  23. Absentee Owners
  24. 1800HomeHotline (
  25. Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards
  26. Farming
  27. Pre-foreclosures
  28. Converting Renters into Owners
  29. Specializing in 1031 Exchanges
  30. Past Client Appreciation Parties
  31. Joining or starting your own Property Investor Clubs
  32. Giving talks to local churches and community organizations educating them on
  33. the local real estate market
  34. Specializing in a particular type of condos (for example: mid-rise condos, condo
  35. conversions, etc.)
  36. Hosting or Participating in Community Charity Events
  37. Open Houses
  38. Development of your own subdivision
  39. Pay-per-Click Advertising
  40. Working with Investors
  41. Specializing in Land Sales
  42. Home Brochure Boxes
  43. Directional Signs
  44. Podcasting
  45. Specializing in REOs
  46. Listing Builder Spec Homes
  47. Affiliate Referrals (for example: from loan officers, insurance agents, etc.)
  48. Adopting the Client from the Opposite Side of the Transaction
  49. Specializing in Short Sales
  50. Getting exclusive relationships to list the buyers for new construction homes
  51. Hosting builder’s model homes
  52. Using press releases
  53. Wanted Ads
  54. Newsletters to Past Clients and Center of Influence 53. Your own Homes magazine
  55. Your own exclusive Newspaper
  56. leads
  57. Blogging
  59. Building a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) business

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