What do you get when you drop a mid-western native into the bright lights of L.A. and then ship her off to the country music capital of Nashville?  A successful young Realtor who knows how to shine brightly among all kinds of people!  While the transition at first was hard, Juliana was able to break through the cultural barrier of her new city and began building the pipeline that will triple her real estate business in 2017.

Passionate about truly knowing people, Juliana turned traditional networking on its heels and co-founded a women’s group called UrbanGirl Nashville.  What started as a way for transplants to find their way in a new city and gather friends along the journey, grew over 11 months into a group of 250 women – all whom Juliana has greeted and grown relationships with.

On todays podcast, Juliana shares the detailed story of how she grew UrbanGirl and what it has meant for her and the other women.  With her previous high intensity professional background, and loads of experience in systematizing real estate transactions, Juliana carefully crafted each event and the details to ensure that the environment was all about being of service rather than everyone feeling like they were just a dollar sign.  Her ability to do this masterfully has put her in front of hundreds of leads, and because they know she cares, she’s their #1 go to agent!  In fact, in 2016, 60% of her transactions came as a result of this group.

What’s her best advice for this networking approach? She says, “I always start my personal coffee time with a woman by asking questions about her – I may never even get to talking about myself or the fact that I’m a Realtor.”  Juliana’s goal is to never come off as that typical sales hound that makes others want to run for the door!

Juliana also speaks to us about mindset, ego and the things she learned about herself in making the transition to Nashville.  For any agent looking for inspiration in moving from part-time to full-time, Juliana also has this area covered, as she was previously a transaction coordinator for a top producing team.  Her drive to go out on her own propelled her to spend her weekends lead generating and taking the next step in getting a coach.

Get ready to be inspired!  Juliana will have your wheels turning on how you can follow her principles and even the model she’s began in your own market.  If you ever wanted to know how you could ‘play’ and get paid, this is the show you won’t want to miss!


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