Building Homes for Heroes is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization committed to rebuilding the lives of brave and courageous women and men who have been injured while serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  This remarkable organization builds and/or modifies homes and gifts these homes, mortgage free, to veterans and their families.

Since its inception in 2006, Building Homes for Heroes has been working with the military to identify injured veterans and their families in need of housing and financial assistance in order to live independent and productive civilian lives.  Thus far, Building Homes for Heroes has built and gifted one mortgage free home every 10 days in 27 states.  It is anticipated that 45 homes will be constructed and completed this year!


In addition to building and gifting one mortgage free home every 10 days, Building Homes for Heroes offers injured veterans and their families programs in financial planning, family funding information, and emergency support to provide watershed funding for sudden life altering events that arise in families.  Each recipient of a mortgage free home is assigned a Financial Planning professional to help provide new, sometimes first time homeowners with necessary advice and guidance to maintain home expenses and planning for a successful future.  Additionally, recipients are encouraged to participate in peer-to-peer and mentoring support with other Heroes and families to help develop camaraderie and to define themselves by their accomplishments and activities rather than their injuries and/or disabilities.

In terms of accountability and transparency, Building Homes for Heroes has earned a score of 100 by Charity Navigator, a trusted evaluator of nonprofit organizations nationwide.  A barely equalled 94% of all monies raised and donated to Building Homes for Heroes goes to programs and services, not overhead expenses.

The housing stability and marriage stability of Building Homes for Heroes recipients is also unequalled.  Only four divorces have occurred in what many professionals term as a high risk population group.

Building Homes for Heroes could not do what it does without the support of corporations, contractors and communities nationwide such as Chase Bank, Advanced Auto Parts, Home Depot Foundation, Lowe’s, Mazda, etc.  As resources grow, Building Homes for Heroes will be built and gifted mortgage free in all 50 states.  As a real estate agent, you can champion this cause by connecting with them to run fundraisers for the cause! Won’t you consider contributing whatever you can (financial resources, professional trades expertise, land, material, equipment, community fundraising, etc.) to this amazing, win-win organization and for the heroes who have served our country with total loyalty and commitment?


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