Where did the time go?  That’s what so many agents say around Noon when they realize that half the day is gone and they’ve done nothing to really move their business forward. Instead of basing their time and daily schedule on profit, they get sucked into passive activities and drama that gets them stuck in the weeds, up to their eyeballs in things that don’t contribute to making their goals and often leave them feeling discouraged – and broke!  Secret: The actions you take either lead you to profit or peril.  Today we discuss the most common profit-killing, schedule wrecking activities of all agents, regardless of market, experience or price range and how to take back control!

In Part 3 of our series, we wrap up the details of what it takes to have a super successful, ideal, profit-making, daily schedule!  We’ve reviewed the activities that need to be completely cut and/or delegated and now its time to dig into what the rest of the day should hold for a top producing agent!  If you’re baffled by where your time is going everyday, check this out and see whats missing in your daily to-do’s!

9:30am: More lead follow up if you have the leads to follow up on.  If not, its time for lead generation.  Choose the prospects from your most-likely-to-list spokes first!  Strike while the iron is hot, as we like to say!

10:30am: Call your required Past Client/Center of Influence list.

11:30am: Assess your day so far. Have you sent any appointments yet?  If not, go back to either lead generation or follow up!

12:30pm Lunch…Yes, you actually get it eat lunch – ideally with a past or current client. Each lunch somewhere in your market where you can be out and about talking about real estate.  Don’t be a secret agent!

For the rest of the details on your new powerful, profit-making day, listen to todays podcast!

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