Getting the listing is important, but what happens after will either make or break your career as a listing agent.  With lack of communication being the top seller complaint about real estate agents, its imperative that you crack the code of stellar seller communication, or risk losing the listing and worse, being ‘blacklisted’ from the list of every person they know that they would have recommended you to!

Your job, other than selling the listing of course, is to keep that seller happy!  That’s it.  It sounds simple enough, but for many years in many markets, agents were spoiled with listings that sold before the sign was even firmly in the ground!  The hot sellers market has actually prevented agents from having to learn the kinds of communication a seller needs in a ‘normal’ market where it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for homes to sell. That kind of marketing time requires a level of skill and finesse that many agents lack.

Or maybe you were a short sale agent who never had to deal with a regular seller?  You had the upper hand in dictating the price, terms and conditions of everything that happened with the listing.  Of course, when family of any size or make-up is involved, emotions run high and its important to understand the mindset shift you need to have.

There was a song back in the 80’s by Janet Jackson titled, “What have you done for me lately?” It makes for a catchy tune, but this is the reality of what is on every sellers mind every day that their house doesn’t have a contract on it.  So, you have to have a plan.  It’s not the time to wing it or forget to call them or call them without having something concrete to tell them that’s of value to them.

That’s where our 12 Week Seller Communication plan can save the day – and the deal!…

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