You walked out the door with the listing contract signed and an offer is only days away, or so you thought.  The next thing you know, 30 days have gone by with no offer.  But it gets worse.  When faced with the dreaded price reduction conversation, your seller slaps you with every reason in the book for why they can’t (or won’t) do it.

What went wrong? You didn’t ask the important questions ahead of time.  Caught up in the thrill of getting a listing, you neglected to dig deep for the answers that would determine whether this seller was truly motivated and ready to yield to the market.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this scenario, its time to learn a brand new way.  Get your game face on and learn the secrets from our pricing playbook that put you in control of pricing your listings to sell – every time!

First, we need to expose the secrets of what you need to keep in mind before you even head out to the listing appointment:

Secret #1: A great Seller Pre-qualification Script pulls out critical facts so you can be best prepared to not just take the listing, but to price it right in the first place!  Not prequalifying is unprofessional and can waste your time and theirs.  Always prequalify, 100% of the time!

Secret #2: The best price reduction conversation is the one you never have to have.  All scripts are best used at the listing table!

Secret #3: Don’t lose the listing of a motivated, have-to-sell-seller over price.  If they HAVE TO sell, you HAVE TO take the listing!  Someone is going to make a commission.  Shouldn’t it be you?

Join us today as we unpack these pricing secrets and talk about why they are critical to your listing success!  We’ll tell you what to say, how to say it, and give you insights into the sellers mindset and how you can help them get onto the same page as you!

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