In real estate, when we think of ‘closing’ we think of going to a closing (that’s always fun!) and we often associate closing with getting the listing or buyer agreement signed.  Did you realize there are also several other ways that you’re in the hot seat of closing?  Some of them you might already be good at and think nothing of, while others paralyze you with fear!  How do you know if you’re a great closer?   You get the signature when you want it!

So many agents work tirelessly to dress the part and have a professional presentation ready to go and then flub the big moment!  Closing opportunities are everywhere in real estate, so you better get good at it: closing for the appointment, the price reduction, the buyer/seller agreement, the extension of the listing (if necessary!), the commission discussion, pricing the home and more!

If you’re one of the agents who breaks out into a cold sweat when the moment of truth comes and ends up walking down the driveway, waving to the seller saying “I’ll follow-up with you later!” then you probably need some work on closing.

What is closing?  It’s defined as “the logical end to a great presentation.”  But some agents have great presentations and still fail to get the signature.  Why?  Because the closing process actually happens all the way through, in small, direct and indirect ways.  However, that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach isn’t all bad.  It means that you’re actually asking for the sale!

That is your job and that’s where the money is!  You can set 10 listing appointments, have killer presentations, but if you don’t walk away with nearly all of them, you’re still going to be broke!  It’s time to take the pit in your stomach and turn it into a super power.

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