Whether you can’t find homes for your buyers, you’re tired of fighting about commission rates, or sick of losing out on the competitive offer situations, we have a solution for you — become a New Construction agent!  Want to build massive streams of business and income, while brand new houses are being built for your buyers?  We have the blueprint for breaking into this segment of your market.  We’ll give you step by step actions on how to get started, tell you the easiest to most advanced ways to approach new construction, and why this “spoke” is so important to your real estate career!

Many agents are nervous to move into the new construction arena, but we’re here to tell you how easy it can be and talk you through the entry level steps and share ideas that you can build upon.

When we talk about new construction, what does that look like?  You can find it in various shapes and styles like these:

  1. Traditional – ie; single family home neighborhoods
  2. New Townhomes – doubles, zero lot line homes
  3. Condominiums – low, medium and highrise
  4. Urban and suburban infill/teardowns/rehabs
  5. Land acquisition, lot sales and developments

If you thought new constructions was just about those mega subdivisions, you now have four other great mini-spokes within the big spoke of new construction with work on!

Still feeling overwhelmed?  Or maybe you’re thinking “Meh. Why does this even matter?” We have six great reasons to share with you on todays podcast about why you need to start caring this year!  Once you hear the benefits to working this spoke, you’ll wonder why you waited so long and you’ll be fired up to get out there and make a name for yourself in your market.

The bottom line secret? This is one spoke that costs you absolutely NOTHING except your time, talking to people and making connections!

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