Are you happy? If you can answer ‘Yes’ to that, how do you know? Many people think happiness is dictated by their outward circumstances and rely on the barometer of external things like money, possessions, promotions and more as their signal that they are indeed happy.  It turns out that happiness is more complex than that!  Real happiness is linked to who you are, under all kinds of circumstances.  Whether its personal or professional, how you handle yourself and others reveals a lot about how happy you truly are.

Most importantly, genuine happiness is essential for a successful real estate career.  It will either drive you towards people, places and things that make you the best version of yourself or unhappiness will grab a hold of you and drag you down for the count!  Assess how many of these 25 traits you already embody and hear the secrets and actions to turning that frown upside down!

5. Happy people are not necessarily more talented.  They simply find ways to maximize what they ARE good at, and fill in the gaps with targeted education and skill building.

6. Happy people have a very low expression of ego.  They admit mistakes and they apologize when appropriate.  They know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

7. Happy people make decisions quickly. Since they are Ok with making mistakes and re-calibrating, happy people move forward more quickly and don’t get ‘stuck’ on decisions.

Can you see yourself in any of these points?  Do you spend time on things that you’re not good at the expense of doing what you’re supposed to be doing, which is selling? Burying yourself with paperwork (that you say you hate!) rather than pounding the pavement for new leads?  When it comes to ego, does “I” still dominate your conversations?  Does the thought of making a decision paralyze you?

These things may not seem directly correlated to happiness, but listen to the rest of todays podcast and decide if any of these points are holding your back from being truly happy!

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