We’re making our way through some of the most ground-breaking truths about how to attain a life of prosperity and success!  Based on Napoleon Hill’s interviews of over 500 prominent millionaires in history, these are the 17 principles that they all agreed were pivotal to their life-long achievements. Tired of feeling like you’re going in circles?  Listen to todays podcast, grab a hold of these concepts, and watch your business skyrocket!

8. Enthusiasm – Think about your favorite actor! How do they make you feel when you’re watching them on the silver screen?  Excited? Inspired? Enthusiastic? Think about how much you paid to see them; the ticket, the popcorn, the drinks, the candy.  But you just had to see their new flick, right? Because they spark enthusiasm in their fans in what they do and how they do it!  As an entrepreneur, who’s lining up to see you?  Enthusiasm is the most contagious of all the emotions and more powerful than logic or reason.

9. Self-Discipline – You know the saying “Think before you speak!” Doing that is rooted in self-discipline.  The subconscious mind is like a runaway car rolling down a hill.  If you don’t practice self-discipline, danger awaits you and those in your path!

10. Accurate Thinking – Because thoughts have power, its critical to understand which ones you should accept, and which ones are facts vs. information.  Are the facts important or unimportant?  All of these need to be answered before you let a thought dominate your life.  This is why we are so insistent on living a media free life, so that you guard the thoughts entering your mind that are often based on lies and drama.

11. Controlled Attention – This could also be called diligence in focus.  Are you looking for a positive outcome?  Then focus your attention on positive results and emotions!  You can’t hold both positive and negative thoughts and expect to be successful. Our favorite acronym for FOCUS?  Follow One Course of action Until Successful.

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