As more markets start to report an uptick in the number of BPO orders (broker price opinion) that eventually could turn into short sale listings, its time to start thinking about this untapped market.  The short sale process has come a long way since the housing crash of 2008 and many agents ran scared from helping sellers because they didn’t have the proper training or knowledge about what to do.  Don’t let the opportunity escape you this time!

Could you be the next short sale superstar in your market?  Conquering the ‘beast’ that no one else is willing to take on?

This doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you’re tired of schlepping buyers around and want more freedom with your family and finances, adding this spoke to your wheel of real estate can get you back your time make you truly a person of service, helping families in their most stressful hour.

How do you know if you’re cut out to be a short sale listing agent?  Let’s dive into the qualities you’ll need to have…

  1. Discipline – This one seems obvious, but so many view discipline as a negative. Its the behavior, act of will, or action that you take daily in the most important aspect of your career.  You’ll need discipline to pursue these short sale listings, to follow-up with them, to stay on schedule with the banks requests and not drop the ball just because you’re not ‘feeling like it’ today. Remember:  Someone else is counting on you to help them navigate a scary time in their lives of which they know nothing about!  Discipline in staying the course will keep them (and you) from the drama of chaos!
  2. Mastery of Scripts and Dialogues – This is definitely a situation where you want to be 100% confident in what you’re saying; choosing your words, your inflections, your delivery and even the pauses in their proper place!  When you master the dialogues in helping…

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