Virtually every agent across the country is experiencing this right now: the inability to find a home their buyer wants.  Even when it is found, multiple offers and skyrocketing prices are have buyers coming up empty handed.  What’s an agent to do?  When you don’t have the inventory you need or your buyer wants something very specific that you can’t find, there’s some tips you need to know to be able to help them in this ultra competitive market.

  1. Dig deep and find out what’s driving them.  Have you ever had a buyer who said they’d never buy a “x” only to have them turn around and buy exactly one of those — from someone else!  When you don’t take the time to find out the nitty gritty details, this could happen to you!  Find out their why’s and what things they are willing to compromise on.  Help them expand their horizons; get both you and them thinking outside the box.  When you do that, you might be surprised how much easier the process is going to be.
  2. Go NEW and find golden opportunities.  Depending on the price range, you may be able to go with new construction for your buyer.  Think your area doesn’t have any? That’s because many builders keep their full inventory off the MLS, yet open your weekend local newspaper and you’ll find ads for those very listings you can’t find on the MLS.
  3. Older Expired and Withdrawn Listings.  When we say older, we don’t mean a few weeks. Go back several months and find listings that match your buyers criteria.  By now all the agents who were calling in the first week or two after it expired have moved on and you’re the only one ringing their phone!  There’s major opportunity here.  Not just for your buyers, but how about a double sided deal or even just a new listing if it turns out not to be your buyers cup of tea?

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