Renovation Reality: Decks & Drama…and Dogs?

We’re back with Episode 16 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. During last week’s edition, Collette talked about design styles. She also noted that the project still faced the hurdle of final inspection. Things were at a standstill until final inspection approval was achieved.

This week, a design flaw was uncovered. A concrete pad was a few feet away from the sliding glass door leading to the pool. One option is to install concrete and try to match it up. Decking also could be used to bridge the gap. What did Collette suggest? How it would be resolved still is up in the air.

A contractor parked on a public street to deliver insulation was chased off by a neighbor. The issue now may put the project behind by one full week. It is always best to be a good neighbor to avoid problems.

Collette also said insurance is important during a renovation. It is important to discuss the project with your agent and make sure you are covered. You also should check your contractor’s insurance. When the renovation is complete, make sure your coverage reflects the new value of your home.

Planning for a renovation job must take into consideration its effect on a pet .If you have pets, also consider talked to your vet about making the process as stress-free as possible for them. Our pets often are especially sensitive to loud noises. They also can be very sensitive to noxious odors or fumes that could even be fatal.

Be sure to check out this week’s Renovation Reality for all of these design tips. Collette thanks viewers for their continued participating, including voting and offering feedback. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss any Collette’s timely information.

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