It seems simple, right? Go out and take a listing!  But, many agents find that without a system it doesn’t come as easy as they thought.  At first, they may have some beginners luck with their best friend or grandmothers listing, but when real sales skills are required, what’s the protocol for listing success?  We have 7 definitive steps that you’ll want to learn to get you in the flow of becoming a listing agent, because you have to LIST to LAST!

Starting with the most obvious, of course, is generating the lead!  You can’t go on listing appointments without first finding those listing leads!  Remember that there is no ONE silver bullet that is going to get you leads.  You must have at least 5 ‘spokes’ on your lead generation wheel that you’re purifying, perfecting and pursuing at all times! Once you’ve decided on your spokes, you have to commit to doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, at the highest level.  You’ve heard that on this podcast a few times, no doubt! If you struggle with lead generation…get help!  Commit to stopping the feast or famine cycle in your life!

Step Two?  Follow up on those leads….furiously fast!  Use our 18 Relentless Lead Follow Up Rules and learn how urgency is the key to making it in this business.  And remember! Don’t blow off the buyer calls when you think you have ‘too many’ – those buyers could be sellers in buying clothing.  Never forget to ask a buyer, “What house do you have to sell in the neighborhood?”

Step Three is where many agents make a fatal error.  Always, always, always – did we say always? – Prequalify!  Even if the house is your grandmothers!  Don’t have different rules for different leads, they are all the same.  You need to know their time frame, motivation, thoughts on price and if they’re speaking to any other agents!  Miss this and you’re really setting yourself up to walk into a lion’s den!

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