Chances are that you’re a deal driven real estate agent who hits the wall by the time 3PM rolls around.  You probably know what to do to keep up your energy throughout the entire day but, for any of 1,000 reasons and excuses, you don’t.

To make it simple, here are just four things to do every day that will help you maintain your peak energy and productivity levels throughout your day and, perhaps, into your evening so you’re able to make every deal actually happen.

First and foremost, eat regularly.  The Harvard Medical School recommends that we eat small meals regularly three to five times a day.  “When energy is the issue, it’s better to eat small meals and snacks every few hours rather than three large meals a day…your brain, which has very few energy reserves of its own, needs a steady supply of nutrients…it doesn’t take much to feed you brain…just a piece of fruit or a few nuts is adequate.”  These small meals/snacks don’t “steal” energy from your brain as does a large lunch by having to use that energy to instead digest that large lunch.

Keep up your daily fitness regime.  We all know the benefits of a regular exercise program…better mood, enhanced concentration levels, better performance levels overall, better work based relationships because you’re in a better mood, heightened resistance to stress, etc.  Even if you’re stuck at your office or in your car all day, you can still exercise. Check out the Washington Post’s compilation of 12 office exercises “recommended by experts” that include things like “raise the roof” whereby you march in place while pushing your arms/hands upwards toward the ceiling in sync with your marching steps, the desk pushup, the knee lift, the chair dip, “the Hulk,” etc.  The site has a short description and visual for each of the 12 office exercises.

Reduce your eyestrain caused by endless screen time.  The Mayo Clinic recommends that we all blink frequently, decrease the screen glare by adjusting the lighting that hits the screen and exercise the “20-20-20 rule.”  Every 20 minutes, look at something that is at least 20 feet away from you and your screen for 20 seconds.  You’ll relax your eyes and likely reduce the number of times you get a headache and sore neck and/or back cause by looking at those screens all the time.

Lastly, take your “break” outside.  You’ll get more exercise just by walking outside, breath “normal” air, perhaps hear/see a bird, be in natural light.  You may even find that being outside for just 5 minutes will help you be happier and heal from whatever ails you faster.

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