The Home Buying Institute just released its latest study on predicted home prices through April, 2018.  The HBI anticipates that five housing markets will exceed Zillow’s expectation of a 2.6% increase in home prices nationwide into 2018.  These five housing markets have been highlighted before but, in some cities, prognosticators are even more optimistic than their recent predictions.

  1. Bridgeport, CT is anticipated to increase its home prices by 5.2% into the spring of 2018.  The foundation for this above average price increase expectation comes on the heels of a 10% price increase from 4/16 to 4/17 when the median home value rose to $165,000.  This 5%+ home price increase is nearly double the anticipated national outlook.

    Bridgeport, CT Downtown
  2. Dallas, TX, already experiencing a gushing commercial building spree, is anticipated to increase its home prices by 5.8% into April, 2018.  The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems report that all but five of 45 Dallas residential districts had price hikes during this last year.  The highest gains were in De Soto at 25%, Lancaster at 22%, Southern Dallas at 22% and Park Cities at 22%!  With a 15.4% increase in median home prices over last year, Zillow too predicts an almost 6% appreciation in Dallas home prices over next year.
  3. Sacramento, CA is expected to increase its home prices by 5.4% over the next year.  Already ranked #10 on Zillow’s 10 Hottest Markets for 2017, Sacramento experienced a 15.4% increase in median home prices over last year.  Add the real and anticipated price increases together and the total increases in just two years would come to nearly 20%!
  4. Seattle, WA is #2 on Zillow’s 10 Hottest Markets for 2017 and climbing forward into 2018 due to extremely tight inventory coupled with high demand caused by population growth.  This highly competitive market saw home prices rise by 12.2% between April, 2016 and April 2017.  The HBI is forecasting that Seattle will experience a 5.1% gain in home prices between now and April, 2018.
  5. Tampa, FLA  saw home prices rise by a gigantic 15% this last year according to Zillow.  (Remember that “normal” appreciation is 3%.)  Here in Tampa, Zillow expects value appreciation to slow to 4.5% until 4/18, but, 4.5% is still higher the national trend of 2.6%

As in all such studies, the Home Buying Institute makes no claims, assertions or guarantees about the future of real estate trends.

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