The real estate business is a people business.   There is potential to make money in the real estate business, to work in housing per se if you “like” houses and to work for yourself rather than for anyone else, but the bottom line is that the real estate business is a people business.  Why?  Because your clients, your colleagues, other real estate agents and brokers, are people; developers and investors are people; contractors, attorneys, title agents, regulatory agents, insurance agents, you name it – are people.

Without recognizing and accepting that real estate is a people business, here are some wrong reasons to become a real estate agent.

  1.  You want to become rich.  It may look like it on reality TV, but real estate is not a fast track to becoming rich.  And even if you do succeed at a high level, if your only motivator is money, it will be hard to persevere through the tough parts of the business.
  2. You want to become famous.  Again, despite what you see on television, real estate is not the route to becoming famous.  You can increase your visibility if your marketing strategy relies on media exposure but the more time you pursue personal branding opportunities, the less time you’ll be able to be at work, actually doing the incoming producing activities you need to in order to be successful!
  3. You want to have unlimited vacation time. The reality is that becoming a successful real estate agent takes time…lots of time.  Success depends upon the effort you make every day.  Yes, every day.  Chances are you won’t have the time to take time off to go on vacation for at least one or two years.
  4. You want to make others happy.  You might define “others” as your clients, your employees (if you have any), your colleagues, you name it.  Its a noble thing to want to make the world a better place through your own business.  As an agent, your primary responsibility is to make the right and profitable decisions for your real estate business.  If you don’t nurture and protect that business, who will?
  5. Because you think anyone can! If you’re thinking “Why not give it a whirl?” you may be overlooking some important aspects of owning your own business.  Without a carefully thought out strategy, this otherwise whimsical can-do attitude, can spawn problems you never imagined!  Make sure to examine your personal motivations and make the decision based on facts about your strengths and ambitions, and not emotions.

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