Renovation Reality: Pop Up Projects and Problems

We’re back with Episode 18 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. Last week, we learned that a solution was decided upon for a design flaw near the rear entrance to the pool area. Insulation and drywall work also started in earnest.

This week, Collette discussed popup projects and some of the issues that can arise from them.

Drywall work was done in the master bedroom and bath. However, a door that was supposed to be centered is off by four inches. The contractor will be repairing the issue, but it has to be done before tiling is done.

A dormer outside that matches the Cape Cod style started as a minor project, but it has increased in scope. One of those “popup projects.” The original dormer was removed to update the look of the home. However, it has evolved into a larger project.

The deck is in progress and the area it starting to take shape. Long an eyesore, the pool is no longer green. It looks bright and refreshing and soon the homeowners will be able to entertain in their backyard.

Work is rolling along. At the start, the contractor anticipated a four-month project, while the homeowner was expecting six months. There have been a number of issues over the last several months, including supply and labor delays.

Collette notes that a project of this size can be chaotic, but it can be managed.

This week, Collette also urges viewers to continue to provide comments and feedback. Share the series with anyone considering a renovation project. Watching it from Episode 1 can offer a look at just what a project of this magnitude entails. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss any Collette’s updates as the project nears its completion.

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