Renovation Reality: The Final Weeks Full-On Freak-Out

We’re back with Episode 19 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. In last week’s episode, we saw progress and learned about popup projects.

In this week’s installment, Collette talks about the final weeks of the project and the stress it means for the homeowner, who is in “freak-out mode.”

The homeowner is obsessing about the small details. Nitpicking can occur and finding problems that may really be minor.

Last week, we discussed a door that was off by four inches. A previous issue resulted in the misstep. It has been resolved.

A silt fence that was installed to keep dirt at bay. During landscaping, it was removed and then a rain hit and impacted a neighbor’s pool. Issues were handled efficiently by the contractor and everyone is happy.

Check out the video to see Collette’s reviews of the cabinetry as it comes in. A small issue with one cabinet has led the homeowner to start measuring every cabinet. This can create headaches for the contractor.

The rain also impacted the drainage from properties that drain toward the home and it collected near the addition.

In the south, you have to treat for termites. Soil should be treated before renovation. After renovation, it can be more expensive.

Also, it is best to learn at the start of a project that you want to work with your contractor. They can make things easier for you. Working together is always the best way to go. There will always be instances where a “freak-out” may occur, but how you handle these issues will set the tone of your relationship with your contractor and crews.

This week, Collette also urges viewers to share the video series with friends and clients. Viewers also are encouraged to continue to provide comments and feedback as the series winds down. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss any Collette’s updates as the project nears its completion.

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