Design trends are always of interest to potential home buyers and sellers any time of the year.  But now, with temperatures heating up and the sun shining high and long in the sky, homeowners may be wondering what to do with those windows?  Here are 2017 window trends for you to enjoy throughout this summer and years to come. All of them balance green living, innovation and natural harmony.

  1.  Sliding glass walls are making a big splash in window trends because they blend indoor and outdoor living seamlessly.  Sliding glass walls offer unparalleled views of outdoor areas/landscapes/activities and boundless natural light indoors year-round.
  2. Energy efficient and sustainable windows are in high demand.  These windows offer better, more efficient insulation, innovative glazing, and energy star rated products.  Some window manufacturers are offering Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that define the full effects of the window’s impact on the environment throughout the lifespan of the product.
  3. Residential windows are getting “smart,” just like everything else in the house.  “Smart glass” can offer security sensors and send alerts to your phone if the glass has been “violated.” This product can sense and adjust to subtle temperature and light changes when there’s too much or not enough sun coming through the window.
  4. Windows are adopting contemporary lines and natural materials into their product lines to best blend modern and older styles and accents.  These trends lean on greener products such as bamboo, matchstick blinds, woven wood, and textured fabric to enhance lazy summer days as well as festive indoor times later in the year.  Many of these product lines can be customized by and for individual homeowners.
  5. Motorized shades are also getting into the “smart” game with Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa and Smart Things.  Just tap or talk to your phone to lower/raise the shades.  Soon, the technology of the shades and the smart glasses will be incorporated to help reduce replacement costs from wear and tear.
  6. “Daylight harvesting” welcomes the sun indoors with automated systems that monitor daylight levels indoors.  These systems dim and/or shut off lighting when there’s enough natural light inside.


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