Hi Julie,

I am a new student, just joined the program a few weeks ago. I am a big fan of the podcast!!! I started listening while I was studying for my real estate exam, and I knew that I would sign on right away once I passed.
At this moment I am taking mandatory classes for Long & Foster, still listening to the podcast every day, and I am trying to prioritize the steps I have to take: Treasure Map, printing out scripts to memorize, making plans on how I will do prospecting when I actually receive my license.
I have to admit, it is not easy to focus on the right order. There is so much amazing material available, I often get tempted to read new things before I finish completing the current one.  My head is often spinning… there is so much to learn. However, I am super exited to be starting this new career!
Thank you for all your help!
(Zsuzsanna, Welcome to the Coaching Family!  That’s so awesome that you started taking action before you even got your license – a sure sign of a super star in the making. The Treasure Map is definitely a top priority, so make sure you see that through.  You’re on the right track.  Let us know if there anything we can ever do for you!  – Julie & Tim) 

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