No doubt you’ve watched someone on TV or at a comedy club improvise; someone who just seems to know what to say, someone who just seems to get it. And you think to yourself, wow, I wish I were that quick…I wish I were that connected to people I talk with. You don’t need to be a comedian or an improvisor or an impersonator to “get it” or “connect” or “bring someone to life.”  You as a real estate agent can do all those things by becoming an active listener.

Active listeners are front and center present with the person they’re listening to.  They’re hearing that person and seeing that person.  They’re paying attention and totally on point.  They’re not looking around at other people or being distracted by what else is going on in the room. They’re not thinking about what they’re going to say next when the person who’s talking is finished talking.  Just like improvising on a stage, real estate agents don’t know what their client is going to do…they only know what the client has already said and done…and you as the agent remember those details for when you need them.

And, just like real estate agents, improvisors don’t tell their audience members “no.”  They don’t contradict them, they don’t point out all the “buts.” Improvisors like agents say “yes, and…” then add to the idea the audience member/client has just said so that that idea becomes a collective idea, a joint solution to whatever situation the audience member/client presents.  “Yes, and…” is an approach, a philosophy that keeps the connection among the client and the agent, the improvisor and the audience, going and becoming stronger.

Improvisors like real estate brokers and team leaders keep going with their audience members/staff members because they recognize and embrace all ideas.  Simply, there are no bad or better ideas because every idea has merit…every idea is worthwhile.  The idea may or may not happen.  What’s important is that every idea has a high or low percentage chance of happening.  In basketball, there are high and low percentage shots. In improvisation, there are high and low percentage story lines.  In real estate, there are high and low percentage choices.  What matters is that everyone is in the game, knows they’ll have a shot, knows that they’ve been heard, knows that they are valued.

Practicing all these techniques…actively listening, saying and believing “yes, and..”, valuing all ideas…over and over again every day will sharpen and empower your presence with your clients, your team and your audience.  People will feel connected to you because you’ve paid attention to who they are.  Likely, they’ll respond in kind to you.