Tips for Selling a House

Despite what we hear about it being a Seller’s Market, selling a home with a trusted, experienced real estate agent is still tough. The housing market is wildly competitive, potential buyers want the very best deal possible on the home of their dreams and interest rates have begun to rise.

Here are some tips that may help a new owner choose to love your house as much as you have.

1. Make sure you find an agent you can trust and one to whom you will listen.
2. Some experts say 80% and some say 92% of all potential buyers begin their home search online. Whatever the actual percentage is, make sure that your agent’s marketing of your home is compelling. A great story about the house and great photos, at least 6, of the house are essential.
3. Post a video of the house and the neighborhood on YouTube. With a $125 Flip camera, you or someone can walk around the house and neighborhood while simultaneously telling stories about both. Buyers like to know that the house has been loved and where in the neighborhood are the best hikes or coffee or bagels.
4. Link your online listing to your neighborhood message board. That way, your neighbors can link your listing to their friends who just might be ready to move to where they live.
5. Face Book your listing. Your “friends” may be unique to those of your agent’s.
6. Make sure the house is in excellent condition so it can compete well against other houses that are for sale in your area. Do some obvious repairs before listing the house. Consider getting pre-inspection and termite reports before listing the house so you won’t be surprised with “what’s wrong” with the house.
7. Make sure both the exterior and interior of the house look great. Remember that first impressions matter.
8. Make sure that the house is priced properly. Having three price comparables is helpful to potential buyers. Consider pricing the home 10% less than other comparables if time is an issue for you.
9. Make showings accessible and easy for the convenience of potential buyers and agents. If showings are not to their convenience, they’ll just skip coming to see it.
10. Pretend you’re moving when you begin “decluttering” your belongings that you’ve not used or worn for over a year. Put away your personal belongings and photos. Potential buyers want to visualize themselves living in the house, not you.

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