SweepBright, an app developed in Belgium, is preparing to launch in the US this winter. Already in Europe and Australia, some real estate agent users are saying SweepBright is a mobile agent’s marketing partner.

From what I call tell from its demo, SweepBright appears to be quite good at promoting listings. The app uses MLS identities to import inventory onto your phone and then disseminates that information out to your contacts.

I call SweepBright’s process CMPL…

1 It Creates Listings where you are on the spot.
2 It Matches your Listings to your contacts on the spot.
3 It Publishes your Listings on the spot.

SweepBright came to market “fully loaded” for mobile-first users. It did not come out with measured trial and error and suggestions by users. It is fully ready to go and totally compatible with both IoS and desktop browsers.

Directed at independent agents, tech driven offices, smaller boutique and independent firms, and at agents who work in fast paced markets where listing happenings turn on a dime, SweepBright focuses on mobility and the user experience, not localized or hand-tailored situations. It integrates its functioning with third party apps such as Zapier, MailChimp, Intercom, etc.

Made accessible merely by swiping your phone, SweetBright’s strengths include its capacities to

1. create listings
2. augment MLS pages to suit your client’s needs/wants
3. share photos of the space
4. upload companion images and video
5. upload information such as geographic location and nearby schools
6. attach legal documents
7. rate “condition” of rooms on a sliding scale
8. IoS and desktop browser compatibility
9. Access price information and adjustments
10. alert you to any buyer markets that exist within your contact/sphere of influence networks

SweepBright is both a listings and lead generation app, not an app for managing your transactions, accounting or agent oversight.

Is SweepBright the app that will encourage real estate agents of all ages to join the 21C? Perhaps…if they are mobile-first agents. And these days, who isn’t?

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