Viola Davis offers Top 10 Rules for Success

In today’s real estate world, success comes in many forms and the path to the top can be a bumpy ride. Along that path, you never know where inspiration may come from – including a Hollywood actress.

Acclaimed actress Viola Davis offers 10 Rules for Success, presented by Evan Carmichael, which can be adopted by agents to make their trip to the top a little smoother.

A graduate of the Julliard School, Davis’ film breakthrough came in 2008 when her supporting role in the drama Doubt earned her several nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.  She won an Oscar for her role in “Fences.” In 2012 and 2017, she was recognized by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She currently stars on the ABC television drama “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Davis 10 rules for success include live a more examined life; do the work; always do your best, step up your game; find your passion; have boundaries; create art; work on your passion; always be prepared; and be you.

“Because I was brought up in such a challenging situation, I think it challenged me to live a more examined life,” she said. “If I were to get out, I had to dream big. There was no room for failure.”

Doing your best seems like it is a given, but there are times when we only do what is needed.

“Nobody knows that when you come to the race you don’t come with the same set of tools as everyone else,” Davis said. “Even when you come into the race with a deficit, you still have to run the same race.”

At the end of the day, we all have our work and our integrity and stepping up the game is imperative.

Davis said she had to step up her game when she worked with Meryl Streep.

“You always get better when you work with people who are excellent,” she said. “You almost never get better when you work with people who are not excellent.”

Real estate should be a passion, just as acting has been for Davis. It can help the path to the top seem like a trail through a meadow and your boundaries also remain a key.

“Your boundary is going to be different with my boundary,” Davis said. “You have to be able to live with it. If you don’t have any boundaries, you are going to be a puppet.”

Agents have found their passion in real estate and Davis said working on your passion can be a rewarding effort.

“It is like any commitment,” she said. “You have to work on the passion.”

Preparation, whether you are a real estate agent or Hollywood actress, remains a key component to success. Davis said preparation puts her in the position to succeed in film.

“I never want anyone to dismiss my talent,” she said. “I never want anyone to say that I am not an actress.”

Real estate agents, like actors, sometimes are on a stage of sorts. Davis pointed out that it is always important to be yourself. This advice can serve agents will in today’s competitive market.

“You have to reject all of the things that people have told you that you were,” she said. “It starts there.”

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