You’ve worked hard to land a client’s listing, but the work doesn’t stop there. As an agent, you can maximize your chances for a quick sale with some key staging techniques to make a good first impression during showings or an open house.

The first step is to ensure the home is clean. Buyers want to know the home they are viewing has been well maintained and cared for. Dirt can be a turn-off, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, which can help sell a property. Don’t be afraid to hire a cleaning service.

Potential buyers will look at every inch of a home. As the listing agent, you want to suggest that your clients pre-pack to avoid a cluttered look. Overfilled closets and drawers give the impression that there is a lack of storage. Edit closets and drawers so that buyers can easily see there is ample storage throughout the home.

Eliminating personalized touches in the home, including family photos or anything with personal information can also be a boost. The idea is to create a neutral space that buyers can easily picture themselves living in.

Get rid of the bulky furniture. When buyers enter a room, they immediately question if their furniture and belongings will fit in the space. Think about what truly makes sense in the room and what allows for an easy traffic flow.

Make sure your listing home is “odor neutral.” If a home smells like pets or smoke, buyers may not get much further than the front door. Make sure there are no odors lingering in the home.

Wild colors can be a problem. A neutral color palette can make a home more appealing to potential buyers.

Consistent lighting can help photographing the listing. Avoid a mix of cool and warm tones in the same room.

Curb appeal is another key. It is like the cherry on the ice cream. A freshly painted front door or new mailbox can make a big difference. Your clients also may want to do a little landscaping.

The listing property should have spaces that are well defined. Make sure each room and space has a defined purpose. Buyers can be confused with what they would do with a space if it lacks definition.

Lastly, every agent thinks they can take pictures. However, with more than 90 percent of potential buyers starting their search on the internet, photography is becoming increasingly important. As an agent, you never get a second chance to impress potential buyers. You want to wow them at first look! Good quality photos help to sell homes!

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