Never really learned how to generate or convert leads? Still avoiding that plan to someday become a listing agent? There are 5 crucial things that will hold you back in real estate if you keep avoiding them, so take them head-on & come out a winner! In today’s show we’ll be helping you uncover the roots of this avoidance and how to quit doing it.

  1. Never really learned to be a listing agent, or never learned to compete on listings that are not referrals.   What to do? Learn and follow the 7 step listing process. This requires you have a Prequalification script, Pre Listing Package, listing presentation and proven scripts.
  2. Never learned  how to generate your own leads versus buying them or waiting for the real estate gods to send me a new referral or repeat client.  What to do?  Understand the Spokes in the Wheel model for lead generation and start taking your spokes seriously. Don’t just dabble; become the best!
  3. Accountability…pretty much of any kind. Financial, skills, following a schedule, etc.  ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!’  (not your broker, not the market, not interest rates, not the time of year or who’s president).  What to do? Don’t just ‘have’ a schedule, FOLLOW a schedule which reflects your goals.  80% of your day should be in lead generation and lead follow up, 10% on appointments and 10% ‘getting ready, working on, studying’.  Earn while you learn.
  4. Physical health, nutrition, weight, etc. General complacency.  What do do about it?  Remember that schedule you’re supposed to have? Where is your work out?  What’s your physical plan?
  5. Cash flow versus cash spurts.  Can’t seem to get into consistent income month in and month out.  What to do about it?  Only do the things that matter every day.  Lead generation, lead follow up, prequalifying, presenting, negotiating and closing… lather, rinse, repeat!

If any of these things describe you, then don’t miss today’s podcast where we drill down on how to take control over your real estate career and transform it from a middle-of-the-pack business to being a commission-generating money machine!

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