Will an Uber model for drivers and passengers work for real estate agents and buyers/sellers? We’ll soon find out.

Colorado'[s largest MLS, Denver-based REcolorado, recently partnered with the ArriveHome Live Agent Platform to deliver and connect real time listings and real time agents. The goal? To offer consumers the fastest way to see a sale home with a certified, qualified agent.

How does ArriveHome work for both agents and consumers?
1. The agent, regardless of their brokerage affiliation, downloads the ArriveHome app, creates an account of a fee of $39.95/month, creates a profile (both written and video) with their name, firm, text/call contact information, professional background, etc., and signs in.
2. Platform GPS locates the agent’s whereabouts.
3. With no cost for anything, the consumer searches listing information for all sale homes posted directly from the MLS direct listing service feed that has the most up-to-date, inclusive information available.
4. Consumer selects the house(s) they want to see.
5. Consumer selects their “live” agent of choice from the profile/video/customer reviews posted who is near the home the consumer just selected.
6. Consumer texts/calls the “live” agent.
7. The agent and consumer connect in real time for instant access to and instant verification of the home’s showing status.
8. Consumer and agent meet at the selected home (most sellers accommodate “spur of the moment” showings) to view the property.

AariveHome shows realtime sale homes, real-time locations, real-time agents who are immediately available and real-time mapped out driving directions/distances to the house

For agents, ArriveHome is “…the tool they need to reach active home shoppers, connect immediately to potential leads and to instantly respond to requests,” said Staci Wood, REcolorado’s vice president and chief product officer.

Additionally, the app safeguards the agent’s security/privacy with an “agent scrambler” feature that adjusts the agent’s face icon on the map to anywhere within .25 miles of their location but not to their exact location.

ArriveHome launched in CO on September 20, 2017 with exclusive access to REcolorado’s MLS 22,000 agent/broker subscribers. The company plans a nation-wide rollout through Q4, 2017.

ArriveHome is also set up for “live” lenders to expedite the pre-qualifying loan process. The app has a fee structure designed for lenders based upon the lender’s specific market. The app is available to both iPhone and Android users.

ArriveHome has several things going for it…all “brands” of agents have access to the app rather than a relative few agents who work with specific firms; it’s a service based platform driven by agent action, not agent ad campaigns; it’s fast; all everything is offered on one platform.

Time will tell.

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