Exercise: On a fresh sheet of paper, put a dot in the upper left hand corner and another in the upper right hand of the paper.

Take your pen and start in the upper left.  Draw a squiggly line, taking up most of the page.  Be sure to start and stop several times, but eventually end up close to the upper right dot.

Next, label the upper left dot ‘where I am now’, and the upper right dot ‘where I want to be’.  The squiggly, jiggidy jaggedy line that starts and stops is how most agents operate.

Now turn it over and do the dots again.  Draw a straight line this time, without fits and starts, and connect where you are now to where you want to be!  That’s what it looks like when you’re following a PLAN.

Are you following a plan?

Is it a proven plan?

Do you have a daily schedule which reflects your plan?

What are the things that get you away from your plan, and how can you overcome those obstacles?

-‘Pretty shiny things’ waiting in your email to be the ‘magic bullet’ of lead generation?
-Drama in your deals?
-Things other than real estate which you use as excuses not to WORK?

If you’re starving for FOCUS, for a specific plan to follow, consider what our PREMIER COACHING students are using:

* 90 Day Massive Action Plan

Survival Plan

* Real Estate Treasure Map

What accountability do you have to stick to your plan?  How will you reward yourself when you make it to the ‘where you want to be’ dot on that page?

Mastermind 10/10/90 Challenge?
Stop going from thing to thing to thing and being distracted. FOCUS.

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