As you already know, becoming an expert in your local real estate market requires tremendous effort as well as patience. Those same attributes as well as good to great writing are required to make your real estate blog comparable to your expertise.

Even more, the time required for each of your blog posts (an average of 3 hours per post, according to Orbit Media) demands that you maximize your creative mix of mixed media, your awareness and understanding of your audience and your well developed strategy for the blog.

Here are some tips that can help you take your real estate blog to the next level.

1. Develop a content calendar – share posts that reflect your unique real estate knowledge to your readers – offer your readers real estate tips that will be beneficial to them (market insights, design tips, prepping for sale tips, etc.) – focus on value to your readers in order to build trust with your readers.
2. Share your posts on social media – if there is value inherent to your post, share it here even if the post deviates from your usual social “feeds”3. Share past content within new posts – interlink your past posts to reinforce your industry expertise – people need to read/see/hear the same content many, many time for that content to “sink in”
4. Keep older posts updated with new ideas – for example, if you wrote about condominiums in pre-development, write about the same condominiums as they go onto the market – this is called “evergreen content” and it retains your SEO rankings
5. Create conversion opportunities on your most shared posts – add links to get email addresses, add affiliate links, calls to action, ads on the sidebar at the bottom of the page, etc.
6. Interact and associate with other popular real estate writers/bloggers – it helps bring your brand and theirs to new audiences so it’s mutually beneficial
7. Find and develop serious buyers – copy URLs or articles and paste links in your social media – maintain a consistent, back and forth relationship with your followers to help promote reader loyalty and trust.

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