Communication is everything. Keep your sellers informed and keep them happy. Customer Service creates repeat and referral business – and a lack of customer service (or poor customer service) destroys repeat & referral business! It’s impossible to over-communicate – which is why, in today’s show, we’re going to be walking you through a comprehensive, 12-week plan for seller communication success!

Let’s face it, as an agent you’re busy juggling multiple buyers, sellers, listings, paperwork, marketing – and a ton of other daily tasks that all compete for your valuable time. The simple task of staying in touch with your sellers can fall by the wayside in the process – but if you let this happen, they’ll feel lost, neglected, and ultimately wonder how much you’re actually doing on their behalf.

You want to maintain communication with your sellers to reinforce your relationship with them and reassure them that things are proceeding as planned. That’s why we’re going to be outlining a 12-week plan for success that helps you to maximize time-efficient communications to provide your sellers with the best possible customer service.

Sound altruistic? Well, this is self-serving: providing great customer service & excellent communications keep your sellers in your pocket, and ultimately leads to tons of repeat & referral word-of-mouth business. So “doing the right thing” ultimately does the right thing for your production as well!

Don’t get caught without a plan!  A sure way to lose the listing when the seas get rocky is to have not communicated thoroughly or to the sellers expectation and the manner they wanted.

Don’t miss today’s show where we show you exactly how to implement a 12-week communication plan that works for your schedule & time-commitments. It’s important to commit to delivering something that you can actually provide, which is why our tested-proven plan is perfect as an actionable strategy you can implement immediately and live with over time.

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