If you want to be a top producer (or stay one), make sure you are first thinking and acting like one…here’s how:  THIS is what Top Producers DO. In today’s show we’ll be running you through the complete list of important things that you need to have in place to ensure that you get off to a great start in the 2018 sales year and stay on track to reaching new heights in your real estate business!

1 Purge your office of all non-essentials. Throw out paper, old files, clutter, and outdated material. When in doubt, throw it out! If you haven’t used it in the past 30 days, it goes. Do this before any other action items.

2 Post your 5 White Boards as we instruct in Premier Coaching. Your 5 boards go up in this order: LEADS / LISTINGS / BUYERS / PENDINGS / Year to Date CLOSED. The last one should have the number of deals your Treasure Map calls for. If you have to do 86 sides, you write 1-86 on the closed board. Your transactions follow in logical order; they start as a lead, become an active listing or buyer, become a pending and then close. Your LISTING board should have the number of Listings you have to have at all times (Magic Number). Secret: This creates inescapable Visual Accountability.

3 Write on the top of your Closed board: “My Product Is Profit”. This is the only mindset for you to have this year. When you start to think you have a motivation or mindset issue, look at that quote on your wall and get back on track.

4 DREAM BOARD posted, reflecting your goals in 5 areas of life: Family, Physical, Financial, Spritual, Education. (use your Real Estate Treasure Map!)

5 IDEAL DAY (schedule) posted, making sure it includes the things that make you money in real estate: Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up, Prequalifying, Presenting, Negotiating, Closing…Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

6 Read or listen to: https://www.amazon.com/Fanatical-Prospecting-Conversations-Leveraging-Telephone/dp/1119144752/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483379300&sr=8-1&keywords=prospecting+book Implement immediately.

7 Systematize, organize and simplify everything that gets you off schedule, creates stress, etc. Make a list and conquer by eliminating, delegating or systematizing. Example: Bad eating habits: subscribe to groceries being delivered to your home that only meet your new and improved healthy diet. Example: Not working out because you never have time for the gym? Decide to take a 30-minute walk first thing in the morning instead.

8 Systematize your savings and pay-offs plan. 10% minimum off each and every commission check goes to your savings, and / or paying off debt. 20% to taxes. These have to be dedicated accounts, no mixing of funds. (This may modify your Magic Number and your Closed Transaction goal, but if you followed the Treasure Map, it will already be accurate).

9 Post in your office your personal Spokes in the Wheel Info Graphic. What are your spokes this year? What skills need to develop for each spoke to produce for you? What education do you need to become the BEST at each, not to just ‘dabble’ in each?

10 Do what your coach tells you to do. Don’t keep circling the runway at 1000 feet and re-landing the jet. Remember the jet analogy? Get to cruising altitude (Magic Number of Listings) as soon as possible. Put a number on that, a date, and get to work.

11 Read or listen to: https://www.amazon.com/Harris-Rules-Practical-Finally-Become-ebook/dp/B074TZ3KYB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512524754&sr=8-1&keywords=harris+rules+book

12 ‘Refill the cup’… recharge yourself before the year begins. Spend time with friends, family, or by yourself. ‘Eat your Wheaties’ as they say, because having your Best Year Ever will take work, concentration, skill and discipline. You can do it. Don’t spend all of January getting ready to get started again. Simply launch yourself into your Best Year Ever!


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