Thank you’s all the way around to Tim and Julie Harris and to Ruschele Estrada Abbruzzese.

Teressa Messner thanks Tim and Julie for writing their latest internationally best selling book, Harris Rules: Your No-BS Guide to Finally Become Rich and Free

After just finishing her first time through the book, Messner intends to keep Harris Rules near for a long time. “It’s easy to read, easy to understand and “…is as energetic and straightforward as the coaching and podcasts.” Messner sees no reason to “…reinvent the wheel when you can open the book. I’m sure I’ll refer to (it) time again as I become a grizzled veteran.”

Ruschele Estrada Abbruzzese gets a huge thank you from one of her personal coaching clients who is currently breaking into the real estate profession from the world of mechanical engineering.

Loaded down with debt (student loans, credit cards, personal), this man was “nervous, very nervous” about taking on another financial risk with the Harris Coaching Program. However, after perusing the website, its articles, its podcasts, this man signed on with Ruschele Estrada as a personal coaching client.

“She told me what to do from day one. I didn’t. And what I did do didn’t work. I told her what happened and she told me again what to do…the same thing she told me the first time. I did it…and, it worked.”

The client knocked on doors, found a house that was for sale but not listed for sale on MLS and, sold that house. While knocking on doors, he found another house that wasn’t listed for sale at all but one that the owner did want to sell. He sold that house too.

“My initial investment for Harris Coaching paid off…so much!”

“I have one person to thank for helping through this business and that is the rock-star, Ruschele Estrada Abbruzzese.

And thanks to Tim and Julie for starting this program and hiring such an amazing coach.”

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